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Anybody Sabatoged by feeling Fraudulent?

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One of the most aggravating things that my head tells me is that "I'm not really making it". Seems to get louder when I have the gall to start feeling I might be Ok. In 1968 This song by Simon and Garfunkel came out. I was 12 going on 13 and I didn't understand it all, but I loved the tune and related even then. Here's some lyrics:
I'm such a dubious soul

And a walk in the garden...

Wears me down.

Tangled in the fallen vines,

Pickin' up the punch lines..

I know I'm Fakin It.

Not really makin' it.

Is there any danger?

No, no, not really.

Just lean on me.

Takin' time to treat your friendly neighbors honestly..

I've just been Fakin It

Not really makin' it.

This feeling of Fakin It,

I Still haven't shaken it.
Anyway, I'm going to try to find some music that helps me somehow.
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I feel fraudulent all the time at the moment- I have been in this state for a few weeks, I have had a couple of evenings where i have felt better and more able to engage and then it has gone again, and I am left with my thoughts of emptiness. Like you I remember times when I wasn't like this - although most of the time I have been like this - I feel a fraud amongst people who also have MH probs, because I don't feel like I am there, just a blank space with no attention span, and feel it is my fault and I shall never be different. Its very hard to keep going Jake, all I can say is that I can relate to the feeling of fraud.

Sarah x
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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