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Currently at the moment I’ve felt like I’ve been in a dream state for the last 4 days. Usually when this happens it lasts for a week or more which I don’t know if that is normal. The only time I kind of forget that I feel like I am dreaming is when I am watching tv or playing a video game and even then, in the back of my mind I can feel the blurriness of my surroundings. Sometimes I feel like I can’t hear my own voice even though I know I can, and when people talk to me it is hard to concentrate on what they say and it feels muffled. It makes me feel so tired, because I just feel like I can’t pay attention to anything even though I am trying so hard to. Like I want to be in the moment, I want to feel normal, but it just keeps getting worse like I’m never going to feel normal again. I hate being around people because I always feel crazy when I am around them, and I already know that my anxiety is a huge cause. I’m even starting to get anxiety about anxiety if that even makes sense. I guess I want to feel like I’m not alone anymore, cause I’ve been hiding this from everybody since I was a teenager and I’m in my mid 20’s now.
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