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Anybody feel like there life is a video game?

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Does anybody with DP feel any of this?

*Your life is a PlayStation VR video game and you are part of it?

*Your life is a fix fate destiny all that stuff

*You worry what your brain will think next and worry how the mind works?

*You feel Your life is a video game and nobody else's life is real like you have a life and see people however you feel nobody else is actually living and anybody living experiences there own "VR" video game or movie of life?

And if so can anybody give me any advice on how I can feel better?
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Thank you for all the beautiful answers in this thread. I was feeling really down the last few weeks. The general situation in the world, family problems, difficult job and the final year in University, and health problems mixed together made me feel like I just wanted to run away somewhere. Somewhere far-far away where all these problems would not be able to find me. But I can't because they are mostly within me, and I should somehow deal with them. If my life is a video game, then the player is completely lost and tired. He barely pays attention to the character and does not really care about him. I feel like I have to find some internal power in me to keep going and don't give up, but it's so difficult. Sometimes I run away playing free cell online, and sometimes I listen to an audiobook. Escapism is not the best way because it doesn't help to solve the problem, but it's all I can afford.
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