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Anybody feel like there life is a video game?

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Does anybody with DP feel any of this?

*Your life is a PlayStation VR video game and you are part of it?

*Your life is a fix fate destiny all that stuff

*You worry what your brain will think next and worry how the mind works?

*You feel Your life is a video game and nobody else's life is real like you have a life and see people however you feel nobody else is actually living and anybody living experiences there own "VR" video game or movie of life?

And if so can anybody give me any advice on how I can feel better?
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Eddy1886 that was beautifully said and smoothly said. Explained a lot on why it took me so long to get better with my dp dr as I quickly recovered over summers in my life having fun but for the first time during a school year when I induced it from weed it’s taken about a year to revive probably because school is boring and UNBEARABLE to have when you have dp. Makes more sense now ..
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