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anybody elses, comprehension, and phrasing skills going down. CAN ANYBODY HELP!!!

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symptoms are getting worse. there is something in my head. my comprehension skills are going down. (like reading comprehenion). i need help; i can bally write. the easiest thing to do is go to routine. how i write, how i normally write. this needs fixing. my dads asleeping. i need to go get my brain checked. there's some serious problem. it needs to be done now! it has never been this bad. i don't what it is. i just can't analyze it.

i put so much brain power in that i thought ive written more.

please reply! i need fixing. no matter what you have to say, i need help. emergency! please reply.
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Take a deep breath, then another.

I think everyone on this site can attest to how bad Depersonalization can really get, but the best thing to do is to relax right now. Depersonalization is a strong disorder, one that can affect many features of your life. It's true that sometimes they can distressing, but that doesn't change the severity of them in terms of your health. Comprehension, I'd be willing to bet, is one of the first things people notice as a more irritating symptom. Suddenly you've forgotten everything: how to read, how to write, how to talk, etc. I know I go through these problems when my unreality hits; it's difficult to digest the information on a book's page or to speak without a million words spilling out of your mouth at once.

This is a very common symptom of Depersonalization, so try not to worry so much. Unless you're suffering from severe physical problems, then I would suggest calmly killing time until your father wakes up. That way, you can lower your anxieties and not cause any unwanted panic while you're going through such a difficult experience. If you need someone to talk to, my inbox is open and the forums are open as well, post as much as you'd like. Just try to remain relaxed, take a few deep breaths, and wait for awhile.

You're going to be okay.
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yeah and the only way i can do those things is to do them in a way which i have done before. like put a current attitude to what i'm reading; so i can understand it's color. i don't even know entirely what i'm saying, what i'm writing right now, its purely thought. i simply can can only write or say things or.. in the way i have done. in a way which i know i can put a subject to.. i try to listen to a few songs but i'm trying, i can't keep a connection to them. i don't know what to much do in my free time, but i'm not bored.. but i want to do something.

yeah and if somebody did that: what you said in your second sentence. i wouldnt be able to sympathize or empathize, i would... this is driving me crazy but i make it slow. nothing comes off strong.

which only makes this problem much less easy going.

i got a million problems but now i'm starting to get blind! or maybe a little deaf. (not literally, through i do have issues in both.. physically but that's another issue... [a problem i worry about, not presently])

if only it weren't for my probably unrealistic scares; i could get through this. i know.

i do not want to learn to manifest from this and live from this.

i asked my dad and, he said a few more weeks..

just trying to reply..

thanks for bothering!
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