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Anybody else scared of the dark (especially pitch darkness) because of their dpdr?

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I wasnt scared of the dark at all but now since i got dpdr ive noticed in pitch darkness i see many floaters that stem from dpdr (if that makes sense) so basically what im saying is the dpdr made me have a fear of the dark because of its fucking floaters and all those dots and shit. Ik its fully mental and different from physical floaters but all i can say is, damn.
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I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of the dark, but due to the 2D-esque vision, being in complete darkness is incredibly disorienting for me now, and I really feel especially non-existent at that time.
I think i relate to you. Because of dpdr im scared of pitch darkness, cuz dpdr makes Vision fade away sort of when dissociating. And then in pitch darkness i see all the floaters that dpdr caused and stuff. Thats why im scared of pitch darkness.
Yeah I can relate to that. I usually sleep with a light on because without it there is absolutely nothing but my thoughts.
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