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Hi All,

I hope everyone is having a bearable day
What I am going to write will sound a bit crazy so bear with me. I have posted multiple times that with my DP/DR I feel like time has sped up and it makes me wonder if I am experiencing Psychosis. Whenever I look at clock it seems like the seconds/hours/minutes are ticking by faster than they have before and overall an hour seems to go by in 15 minutes for me. Recently with the time going faster it also seems like things in my vision are faster i.e. if I see someone walking down the street it looks like they are walking at an accelerated speed. I guess the best example would be when I try to watch sports (I like to watch hockey) and when I am watching it seems like the players are moving around the ice a 2x the regular speed. Overall it seems like everything is sped up in the world. I hope someone can make sense of this what I am writing and hopefully I am not alone in this.


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