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Hey everyone...i'm curious if anyone has a few tips for me. I think one of the biggest underlying issues with my DP/DR is the constant reminder that, as Van Wilder said "you never get out of life alive." I know faith helps some of that, but then I get terrified of the whole concept of eternity and all that. Does anyone have any help for that, letting that fear either subside or fade to the background. I try to focus outward, but sometimes I get scary dreams about it. The problem is that the only people I know who aren't afraid of this are religious leaders and my brother, lol. I try to remind myself that we cant' understand some things in our normal mortal state, but it still haunts the background. I don't really likle talking about it, but if anyone has some tips that would be wonderfully appreciated.

Hah, I was just about to make a topic like this. I propose that everyone who has recovered, or still in the process of recovery post tips which they feel have been successful in alleviating the condition. I'll contribute a couple of my own which I have found to be helpful:

- You've probably heard this said before, but stay away from the pot and booze. Personally, I have been gathering quite a collection of alcohol given to me by relatives, and I am keeping them for when I finally kick DP's ass. :p

- Avoid depressing things. Listen to happy music from the hippy era (I'm partial to the Grateful Dead, personally).

- Take part in self-nurturing activities everytime you're feeling down; hot baths and a good book are what usually help for me.

- Try to stay off the computer, and above all else, keep yourself occupied. This is a relatively easy way to shift focus away from the Self. I recommend reading, writing, crosswords... whatever you can get your hands on. My DP is unbearable when I have nothing to do other than sit and worry.

- Exercise and eat healthily. Getting plenty of niacin and vitamin B has proven successful in the treatment of schizophrenics; you may want to try these, as they can be found quite easily at health shops and other outlets.

- I try to stay away from Eastern religion in general, as personally, I feel it has a detrimental effect on the DP. These religions teach you to actively question yourself, and the environment around you. For a non-DP sufferer, they may be fine, but for people like myself it's a big no go.

Ugh, my apologies for rambling on a bit here. I have the summer holidays and heinous amounts of free time to dispose of. :roll:

Take care.

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It's a symptom of anxiety/depression/whatever.

When you address the true cause (whatever it is) of the above, it will naturally fade into the background. It cannot be addressed directly, except by talking about it with your doctor/therapist. You may need only to express these things to an understanding person and explore your ideas with him or her. Or you may need to adjust your medication.

But thoughts like these resolve themselves if all else is well.

I know whereof I speak; in May, when I got the panic attacks, I looked back and remembered that I had been telling my therapist for a number of months that I was having unwanted thoughts about death and dying.

MONTHS before my first panic attack.

My best tip: talk frankly and openly to a therapist about this.
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