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Hi Guys
Maybe I am jumping the gun here, but the doc told me a while ago that he would probably want me to come off the meds in December. I am just taking 50mg of Luvox (antidepressant). But when is the right time to come off? How well do you have to be?

My psych seems to think that recovery is just having bouts of obsessions/anxiety/dp every couple of months & then it dissapearing & then reappearing with stress etc.

From what Janine tells me this ain't recovery. So is it important for me to be fully recovered (the Janine way) before going ala natural?

Thanks for you time!

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Oh, this is a sticky wicket. Leave it to you to raise such a "controversial" question, grin

TO ME "recovery" means no symptoms anymore. But it all depends. For some people, depending on the type of therapy treatment they do, the length of time they work on things, etc....some people can't necessarily recover ENTIRELY - they might have small relapses from time to time...

That's the thing about those "in-depth" treatments like psychoanalysis. IF it works, and it doesn't always work...but IF it does, the change within self can be very profound. They call it "structurual change" and IF it works, the entire personality and its defenses undergo such massive overhauls that the symtpoms can and should truly go away forever.

That doesn't mean the person is "perfectly healthy" lol..they will still have issues and "stuff" forever, as everyone does..but the symtpoms are gone.

Anyway, short answer: talk to the doctor. IF it feels like you're doing much much better and you want to try to stop meds, give it a try. If you start to feel worse, go back on them. It's really that simple.

No harm is done in trying and seeing what it feels like without the med. Naturally, if you truly feel you need it, consider staying on it. There is just no set answer to this one.


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Hi Janine
Thank you for your reply. You make it sound so simple! But if I want to have babies I have to get off this stuff. I'm not planning on kids for another year but as usual I want everything to be perfect & in its place.

I might try & look into this psychoanalysis here where I live & see what is available. While I am feeling pretty good it would be a good thing to get into.

Wish me luck!

Oh as usual, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! :D your friendship across the miles has been life changing & amazing - one little book has done alot for me, its given me my life back.
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