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any tips on stopping obsessive thinking?

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I'd be interested to know how people control their obsessive thinking. The only time I am able to do it is when im keeping myself occupied. Then when I stop they return. I can often sit and watch a programme on telly and miss certain parts as my mind wanders off.
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Hi a/ad,
I had the same experience past week; kept busy and had minimal obsessive thoughts. I was more obsessed with the DOING of a couple projects so I think I still lean toward obsession, but I'd rather be doing than thnking. When I was all done I noticed my ruminating thoughts return. What I've been trying to do is close my eyes and and with my mind's eye spell out the word REST as if I am writing it real slowly--or the letters are one-by-one appearing in front of my closed eyes. I do it in a real relaxed manner The letters are kinda big and cloud-like. I tell myself I am a good person while I do this, and breathe slowly, in thru my nose--out thru my mouth. Sounds weird but it slows my mind down.
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