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Any tips on getting focused?

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Does anyone have any tips on regaining focus and concentration?

I am a long way into my recovery, but there is still an emotional numbness and there are times when I am able to focus and get things done but that seems to come and go.

What has helped you gain more focus back in your life?

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I enjoy going to a coffee shop and reading for a few hours, that has helped me retrain my focus. Also, playing games such as puzzles or word search helps
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Anything that requires your complete and utter focus would help.

I found DP to almost make you feel like you lack an attention span; so essentially you're forced to re-create one from scratch.

Like aforementioned above, word searches or puzzles help. They're causing you to think, and deep thought does help. Reading, causes you to concentrate on a story, and even create images in your mind. The more attention something needs, the better it is for your DP. mindlessness helps numb the feeling of depersonalization, but to actually control it, you need to control your own mind. Video games, and scrolling through the internet only make you feel temporarily relief (if any at all) via distracting the mind. You have to actually work it.
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Sudoku helps me with concentrating. Also climbing things such as trees and getting on top of the roof of my house is nice.
Try some grounding techniques to help you focus.
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