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any tips for lighting? Grocery stores?

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It's just ridiculous in stores. And even after. Can't speak, memory gone. Almost as if something was triggered. Wonder if it's neurological, or it's just because of our heightened sensitivity to the external, and our perceptual shifts.

I found out that one time i went in to a store while on my cell phone, and it worked, i did not even think about being in there. I know that sunglasses help me. But that's just covering up symptoms, whereas talking on phone is a distraction.

any helpful methods?
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NODID said: we can even joke about the symptoms "WOW, did you see how that weird creature on the cereal box was creepy?" or how that row of perfectly placed cans just look weird, patterned, and geometrically illusioned?
Funny, I never talked like that ever until after I took LSD! Are you trying to tell us something!

I point out stuff like that all the time now to my wife. And Heaven help me if someone old is doing something weird. Like yelling, or just looking creepy. I have a hard time looking at them. Then I think to myself (you're going to be old before you know it too...) then I start to feel sad... Ah yes, life...

Good news is, it's only a lifetime! Which reminds me of another Pink Floyd song... How long ago they knew about this crap. If I had only listened instead of thinking the music was great...

I have always been here
I have always looked out from behind the eyes
It feels like more than a lifetime
Sometimes I get tired of the waiting
Sometimes I get tired of being in here
Is this the way it has always been?
Could it ever have been different?
Do you ever get tired of the waiting?
Do you ever get tired of being in there?
Don't worry, nobody lives forever,
Nobody lives forever
I will always be in here
I will always look out from behind these eyes
It's only a lifetime
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