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any tips for lighting? Grocery stores?

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It's just ridiculous in stores. And even after. Can't speak, memory gone. Almost as if something was triggered. Wonder if it's neurological, or it's just because of our heightened sensitivity to the external, and our perceptual shifts.

I found out that one time i went in to a store while on my cell phone, and it worked, i did not even think about being in there. I know that sunglasses help me. But that's just covering up symptoms, whereas talking on phone is a distraction.

any helpful methods?
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Ok we all agree on the lights... but what about those fucking mirrors?! They're everywhere! Not at the grocery store, but the mall and clothing stores... I feel like I'm in a freakin' funhouse. Except it isn't fun. You know how many times I've nearly walked right into those things? They're everywhere you turn, it makes me dizzy and messes with my eyes bigtime. I think there's another aisle to look at, oops another mirror. Freaky. Maybe I'm just crazy.
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