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any guys able to work?

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i feel like ever since I got this condition thats its been next to impossible to even survive in a job setting especially while dealing with crippling depression, blank mind and chronic fatigue (low testosterone based for me) altogether...the thought of maintaining a job would just be extremely overwhelm me with the excessive stimulation and the florescent lights (i have bad sensitivity to lights) that I would just become even more weak by the end of the day, what about you guys ?
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Yeah. I work as a can taking care of the elderly. It’s a pretty chill job at times. Maybe trying a job that’s less overwhelming that way you’re still working, making money and keeping your focus on something other than your condition.
I feel physically sick as well most of the time, that shit really s*ckssss. I'm always second guessing when i read topics like this, i honestly dont know how anyone with severe DPDR could hold a job, like really.. It makes me think i have some sort of physical disease underneath the DPDR.
You can't sit in the house all day feeling sorry for yourself hoping it goes away. How else are you going to get back to yourself if you don't expose yourself to what's bothering you. Maybe try different supplements or maybe medication to ease the symptoms you have
Lol sorry I didn’t wanna make it seem liike I’m attacking you. Just saying in general, you have to keep pushing. What are you taking for your flu symptoms?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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