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any guys able to work?

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i feel like ever since I got this condition thats its been next to impossible to even survive in a job setting especially while dealing with crippling depression, blank mind and chronic fatigue (low testosterone based for me) altogether...the thought of maintaining a job would just be extremely overwhelm me with the excessive stimulation and the florescent lights (i have bad sensitivity to lights) that I would just become even more weak by the end of the day, what about you guys ?
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Severe anxiety/panic, dp/dr, excessive worry, feeling sick, etc. I cannot work or even think about holding a job, at least anything that's not online.
I feel physically sick as well most of the time, that shit really s*ckssss. I'm always second guessing when i read topics like this, i honestly dont know how anyone with severe DPDR could hold a job, like really.. It makes me think i have some sort of physical disease underneath the DPDR.
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Believe me, i’m trying my ass off everyday to live a normal life. Just now, i went out with friends 1 hour to play midgetgolf lol, now i’m back at my house laying in bed with flu-like symptoms and extreme fatigue. I’m trying everyday, but my body is too weak. And i’m not looking for pity here, but just painting the picture.
Mine wasn't a counter-attack as well :p and i dont take anything for the flu-symptoms, i only get those when i'm doing ''too much''. I reckon it's just my bad gut health/immune issues playing a game with me
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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