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any guys able to work?

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i feel like ever since I got this condition thats its been next to impossible to even survive in a job setting especially while dealing with crippling depression, blank mind and chronic fatigue (low testosterone based for me) altogether...the thought of maintaining a job would just be extremely overwhelm me with the excessive stimulation and the florescent lights (i have bad sensitivity to lights) that I would just become even more weak by the end of the day, what about you guys ?
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I worked in a high volume retail store for over a year called Zara and did very well. Trust me, when i first applied and went into my interview, I was so spaced out and dissociated I could barely concentrate. I was scared shitless that I would do poorly and forget everything and get fired. I even had to learn the cash register and ring up customers for 9 hours straight, dealing with hundreds of dollars, work 1:30-10:30pm shifts and then a 5am-2pm shift the very next day. I did it, I did it well, I was known as one of the very few reliable workers there. You can do more than you think.

Edit: the reason why I no longer work there now is because my manager was racist towards white people and made my life living hell towards the end... and I need surgery for my reoccurring shoulder dislocation. Not because of my dissociation.
Yeah working at Zara was definitely not that fun to me. I want to get into programming as well. I just bought a web developing class online. Pretty excited to start it haha!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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