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Do you think, when you have doctors around you, that support groups in real life are important (i.e. Anxiety and mood disorders support groups)? I must say they don't have a clue about DP/DR and when you talk about this they say : hmm hum, and try to understand :wink:

I already have a psy and a psychologist.

Inflammed, you must have been to Phobies-Z?ro reunions, in Montreal? I saw you on the Website.

Thanks for your opinions,


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Yeah I do go there, people live pretty much the same thing as we do.
I'm the only one with DP DR there sadly.
Why don't you come over an evening and see for yourself... :!:

They don't really know the terms DP DR but they are living situations very similar as us, mainly because of the high levels of anxiety, and it's comforting to talk with people that are struggling through life like we do.
They're not all happy and beautifull :twisted:

I'll be the new moderator in a few weeks...

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Come here and see for yourself,

the new french forum regroup all people from Phobie-Z?ro! :)

I am the moderator of the French forum.

And I go to the Phobie-Z?ro meetings sometimes.

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