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Anxiety, memory problems, am I still on the track of DPD

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Hello everybody,

I need your guidness and assistance once again.

So I have been trough derealisation. I coped with it. I have been through hypochondria, panic attacks, feeling on the edge, but yet there is more to come. Anxiety can surprice you in variety of ways.

Just to mention i have dealt with my derealisation because of this forum and your help, so your opinion here is very important for me!

Now I have been struggling with different sensations. I am not sure if these categorizes with DPD symptoms.

What I experience since derealisation is:
- Memory disturbance - actions from the current day seems far away
- Self perception constantly changes - I mean how you see the world and behave on it
- Feelings of living in different time and year - It is like how i felt 2-3-10 years ago. The problem is that i just has calmed myself, started feeling as a new person and those changes just messed up everything
- I have to sit and remember what i have done the last couple of months to return in myself.
- Anxiety hits me again severely, again starting to feel as I am loosing it and will end up in clinic.

There is something else that may have connection with what I am experiencing. I have been taking rivotril (clonazepam) for month, month and a half, not everyday but in 2 or 3 days x 0.25 g per day. It has shown to lift my brainfog and make me feel like myself again. It was perscribed in January, when i didn't want to take it. I took it only in case of high anxiety. The last month and a half i have been taking it more frequently. All i have taken is around 15-16 grams, 0.25 (not more) per day. The problem is i have stopped it because the pills are over. Can i have developed dependency, and now experiencing withdraw symptoms ?

Guys, I feel as really messing it up, going crazy, my mind is full with obssesive thoughts, I am restless and really, i have been trough some of that before, but it feels different this time. What do you think ?
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I think you can definitely be experiencing withdrawals from the clonazepam.
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