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Anxiety is the problem?

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The first time when I had this DP trip was when I smoked marijuana, gee that was the worst panic attack at the same time that I have ever had.

I could feel that my conciousness has left the body and death was awaiting for me somewhere nearby. It all seemed very true, although I still could think rationally, questioning myself - WTF is going on. Because of all those side effects I could never experience the real high from smoking marijuana, if such exists, maybe some people seem to enjoy these DP trips, but I don't. Last time I smoked pot was about 3-4 months ago and experienced pretty much the same thing again, except now I knew what it was and how to cope with it.

One website suggests that DP's primary cause is constant anxiety, if you cure it, DP will dissapear. I can see the link between those two, the more anxiety I get the stronger DP symptoms become over me.

I got prescribed to take Xanax. 0.25mg twice a day. I ve been taking it only for 2 days and feel some relief from anxiety.

Has anyone else here had a positive experience with XANAX to cure DP?
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hey Depersonalized,
you'll find that this board is split between two types of people. some think DP can exist without anxiety because they don't beleive that they're anxious, and then ppl like me, who think without anxiety there's no DP.

I agree with jft, you can still be having an anxiety disorder without feeling anxious or having any typical symptoms of anxiety. your nerves become sensitized after prolonged periods of anxiousness, desentisizing takes a bit of time, even when you're completely symptoms free.

Xanax helped my DP a lot, for a few days. but it doesn't necessarly cure anxiety, no benzo does. you have to learn relaxation techniques, breathing, distracting yourself, exercising, etc...and most of all, don't pay too much attention to some of the negative views you'll read online. DP can go away, and it has for a lot of people.

Johnny_Utah said:
Our brains aren't working right! i think the anxiety thing is to give us hope and try to calm us down. Possibly to keep us from commiting suic***.
Dp is a state of mind, just like depression, it is NOT brain damage. depressed people's brains don't work "right" either, but that doesn't mean it's hopeless, and it doesn't mean they stay depressed forever. Are you not aware that Janine, homeskooled, and many other people HAVE recovered? the anxiety explanation is not just a hoax to keep us simple minded folks from jumping off the roof. heck, i had a whole day today DP free, I sure am glad someone lied to me like that.

Johnny_Utah said:
rula do you have chronic dp symptoms or do they come and go ? After a while when you have chronic symptoms you tend to lose hope
johnny, i understand the losing hope thing, trust me. and yes, i had it chronic for 5 months. it wasn't 'till i met people who have recovered, and read a few good books, and found a good doctor who looked at what i was doing to my body as a whole (not just what's going in my brain) that i began to lose the FEAR of what's happening to me. Fear and negative thoughts feed DP and keep it going strong. I was like you at first, not sleeping well, felt completely hopeless, and really didn't beleive there was a way out. but there is.

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