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Anxiety DP/DR and more?

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Is this all just anxiety? I have fears that ill forget people, like my wife, like i will suddenly not know who she is. Or i fear that ill for get who i am.

I some times have fears that things i have done, like went to the store did not even happen "I know they did" but i have fear that I'm crazy and they did not.

I freak out about everything.

Just before i was sleeping and i opened my eyes to see my wife sitting on the bed just watching me sleep, i freaked out and now I'm having a panic attack that i'm going to forget things, or I'm in a dream and i cant wake up.

How much of these things are just anxiety and panic and am i, in reality going crazy with schizophrenia?

I feel like i have to second guess everything i do and say or type. I wonder if what i say is just insane ramblings..

I know this make so sense, but i just had to vent..
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i think panic and anxiety have alot to do with dp/dr. fear and anxiety are like patterns that are formed in your mind. the more you use them, the more they stick. trying to "force your way through" a serious disorder like ours is just fanning the flames. you can't fight fire with fire. i'm taking some anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication right now and it's really helping me with my dp.

anyway, the key is to get our minds working again as to not focusing on the fear, or the grief, or apathy, or any of the limiting thoughts/feelings that a dp/dr person would experience. anxiety and dp are intimately related, plus throw in some depression and you're in "that state".

anyway, ALOT of this is related to anxiety. i recommend the next time you freak out, just to sit down, and think about your thoughts. you will notice how fearful you are, and then realise it's all coming from YOUR thoughts. so this is curable. you're not going mad, you're just afraid of going mad, but you're nowhere near skitzo. always have hope, don't give up... look for solutions and not problems. we're often stuck in hanging on to our problems but you have to learn to think more positively.

/end rant
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