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Anxiety DP/DR and more?

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Is this all just anxiety? I have fears that ill forget people, like my wife, like i will suddenly not know who she is. Or i fear that ill for get who i am.

I some times have fears that things i have done, like went to the store did not even happen "I know they did" but i have fear that I'm crazy and they did not.

I freak out about everything.

Just before i was sleeping and i opened my eyes to see my wife sitting on the bed just watching me sleep, i freaked out and now I'm having a panic attack that i'm going to forget things, or I'm in a dream and i cant wake up.

How much of these things are just anxiety and panic and am i, in reality going crazy with schizophrenia?

I feel like i have to second guess everything i do and say or type. I wonder if what i say is just insane ramblings..

I know this make so sense, but i just had to vent..
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Look at the word below that's surrounded by a lot of space. Don't stop staring at it until I tell you to stop:


Uh-oh. You stopped. Why?
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