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There has been som who says that they are suffering from insomnia due to their depersonalisation. There is a trail in France with rTMS on the angular gyrus that is found overactive in depersonalisation.

There has been a rTMS trial for insomnia and anxiety in a patient group (not depersonalisation) where rTMS was given in 1.Hz as the trail in depersonalisation trail at the right parietal cortex,- angular gyrus is in that area.

Here is the results.


Ten days of 1 Hz rTMS to the right parietal lobe significantly improved both anxiety and insomnia symptoms in the active group. Although the anxiety severity was not significantly correlated with insomnia severity at baseline, the improvement in the Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety (HRSA) scores were positively correlated with improvement in the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) scores.


The present study is the first randomized sham-controlled study to assess the effectiveness of low frequency rTMS on the right parietal lobe in patients with comorbid GAD and insomnia. Our results suggested that 1 Hz low frequency rTMS administered over the parietal cortex is effective for both anxiety and insomnia symptoms in patients with comorbid GAD and insomnia.

Perhaps these symptoms in depersonalisation might be related to the overactivety in that area along with body alienation , distance from biographical memory, feeling of automation ect.
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