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By chance I've come across a collection of self-help recordings on anxiety disorders. After listening to the first tape, I've found some interesting similarities between chronic anxiety and the symptoms of DP/DR. The recording documents people's various accounts of symptoms such as bewilderment, out of body experiences and a few others along with the reasoning of why these symptoms are present.

So legalities aside (by memory the copywrite act specifies that I can copy 10% of material for public viewing?) I present to you the link to compressed MP3, part 1 of 16 of Lucinda Basset's anxiety program:

Anxiety, Causes & Common Fears - Lucinda Bassett (1 of 16) Attacking Anxiety & [7.84 MB zipped, MP3 format]

You'll need to follow the links across two pages before being able to access the file.

Material was taken from Lucinda Basset's Attacking Anxiety and Depression program.

Note: I wont be able to upload or transfer the entire series on request
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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