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antipsychotic meds

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how did these drugs affect you?
rispridal-did nothing00.00%
rispridal-made it worse, or made you sick28.00%
seroquel-did nothing28.00%
seroquel-made it worse, or made you sick00.00%
rispridal and seroquel-worked00.00%
rispridal and seroquel-did nothing00.00%
rispridal and seroquel-made it worse, or made you sick14.00%
have not tried either of these.1976.00%
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I used to be on Zyprexa olanzipine I think I started off on about 10 mg then went down to 5mg and then finally 2.5 mg , Didn't really help my dp/dr much but was more medication for the minor pycosgis I had (no voices , hallucinations etc etc just delusions and delusion thought patterns along with the dp) Made me very tired and zombie like , kind of emotionless (this is possibley a dp/dr sympton though)

I am on Seroquel Quetiapine 100mg which I have to take twice a day and 4 tablets a day, they have so far proved to be better than the olanzipine and I have occasions when my dp and general disconnection from reality is significanlty reduced but they are making me way way tired and I am fidning it really hard to concentrate, certain cognitive abilitites have been improved though in comprion to when I was on olazipine, I am also having a hard time sleeping some times and since i started taking the drugs I am having a higer ratio of vivid dreams including a few lucid dreams (which I count as a positive effect , hey any escape from the dp/dr reality is a bonus) and also I have had the negative effects lack of energy and putting on weight which is the side effect I hate the most because I used to have a nice lanky tall figure and now I am tall with a little pot beer buddha belly and the big lump is piising me off cos it looks weird to be tall skinny then have a big belly.
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I also recently have been having manic mood swings and delsusions of grandeosity and also some anger but I am not sure if this is tied in with my new medication, probably I think due to the stress at college at the moment due to having lots of work and also a lot of stuff that im trying to sort out in my head because of my dp/dr

On second thoughts I should have voted seroquel of having worked but I still voted nothing becasue they are only relievign sympoms at certain times of day,so for me personelly I think what enviroment im in has a huge bearing on my dp/dr or I think it does.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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