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antipsychotic meds

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how did these drugs affect you?
rispridal-did nothing00.00%
rispridal-made it worse, or made you sick28.00%
seroquel-did nothing28.00%
seroquel-made it worse, or made you sick00.00%
rispridal and seroquel-worked00.00%
rispridal and seroquel-did nothing00.00%
rispridal and seroquel-made it worse, or made you sick14.00%
have not tried either of these.1976.00%
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I'm on Zyprexa 10 mg, which is not on your list. It made my PTSD psychosis subside, but it also made my sexual desire go almost completely away... So I'll switch the med to Risperdal, but after switching I guess I'll slowly start diminishing the dose, until it is nothing. I miss my hypnagogic visions, that's all...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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