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Antibiotics as a cause of DP/DR?

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Some of you may think I'm crazy, but from thinking back and doing some research in the last 7 weeks on what caused my DR, I think I got a theory. I was searching old threads from this site through google and I came accross reading about a few people that said they were on antibiotics at the time their DP/DR started and that they may have caused it. Well, I was taking Xanax for a few weeks and I stopped it abruptly and right after that, I was dizzy and had a cough so I rushed to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics. So I took them assuming I was sick, but I really wasnt. It was because I was withdrawaling from the medication I took prior to the antibiotics. So anyways, my DR started while I was on the antibiotics almost 2 months ago and I've been in a 24/7 state of it ever since. And to mention, before that, I never had any DR or DP and never even heard of it. Does anybody else know or think they can be a cause?
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Thats wierd, cause alcohol is the only thing that lets me feel normal and happy again at least for a little while. Totally brings me back, when it wears off I feel out of my body again. I haven't had a sip of alc. for more than a month now and it sux.
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