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I took paxil for over a decade. I took venlafaxine for over a decade. I too escitalopram for a couple years. That was the best SSRI for me. I took Seroquel at two different periods during my illness. I suffer from recurrent major depression with anxiety and insomnia. My depression and

the associated lack of sleep has allowed me to experience a wide range of psychiatric symptoms. 25mg of Seroquel is a very small dose. I think I was prescribed 100mg, which I took

to initiate and maintain sleep. It was a miracle. I would take the Seroquel about 30 minutes prior to attempting sleep, and fall asleep almost immediately. If I woke early, I was able

to resume sleep. I slept for 7.5 to 8 hours. I hadn't been able to do that for months. The Seroquel also eased my anxiety quite a bit. Taking the Seroquel allowed my to re-sync my body to restorative sleep. I would say

the sleep itself was responsible for the largest part of my improvement. A severe lack of sleep can cause psychosis in and of itself. I can't say the Seroquel didn't have unwanted

side effects. Nothing serious, but I did feel a bit foggy and unmotivated while taking it. Once I got my sleep on schedule, I discontinued taking it. But I know where it is at if I ever need

it again. Good luck. Nobody ever luvved me like me mum, mum, mum.
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