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anti-depressants & zombification

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if you start taking an anti-depressant and start feeling like a zombie, like you don't have a care in the world for anything, and conversations start lacking even more, should you stop taking the medicine or keep taking it longer to see if it will subside?
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Lots of people, don't feel that they benefit from antidepressants, its not unusual or strange that people say, they get side effects that outweigh the + for them. People react very differently to these things, because everyones chemistry is so different.

Some people feel helped, and others know antidepressants made them far-far worse (in some cases) in retrospect, because they were unlucky in their reaction. You are after all bathing your brain, in a chemical every day which isn't the most natural thing for it.

I took anti-depressants a few times, now i don't take them anymore, and am feeling fine. If you are worse 'on' it, after giving enough time, or feel really sedated like your not your full alertness or range of mood, or lowered libido, I don't think that is a benefit to anyone, don't feel like an idiot for considering, it also depends how much you feel were needing it in the 1st place maybe.

I think when conversations are lacking etc., you might also feel at a low point or a rut, and that it can also just be circumstantial, a time creating uncertainty feelings. Problems can weigh your previous normality down, especially when your introspective looking for answers to things. Its always for a negative reason/circumstances we decide that we are going to resort to this stuff anyhow.

I used to think that antidepressants helped, but now I don't think so for me anyway, I know that other people do feel they help them. I don't like the notion that 'I' don't make the difference to the problem I have, and that I have to give the credit to ramping up my serotonin levels artificially.

Usually people can self-judge how something is altering the way they are feeling, unless they are bad enough that they don't recognise, but it has to be a weigh up between + positive or - negative effects from it. Obvoiusly negative is not acceptable or helpful.

PS - Some anti-depressants have recently been banned in a few countries, in the SSRI family, because of their negative effects for some people.

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