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Is there another nevrosed person like me today? I really feel I am going insane. I cried again. I feel estranged. The more I move the move I feel insane. I don't recognize myself from the inside. I fear because I have constant dissociation. On top I am severely depressed. :cry:

If you recognize youself or want to talk/support, PM me.

a Karine, on a sunday night, who feels less than someone, and scared to death, even if people don't see it.

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I sympathise, and I think I understand - I certainly feel pretty low at the moment. Just so flat, no energy.

I don't know whether I feel sad or not - literally, I just can't get a handle on what I'm feeling. Very strange.

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I know exactly how you feel. Horrible. Terrible. Beyond what words can describe. I have been there, and I am there right now...

However, as bad as it is, you need to fight hard to keep a level head. Only you can change the way you feel. Nothing is making you feel the way you do. Nothing is keeping you in the horrible state of DP...

I know this is hard to come to terms with, as I am still having trouble accepting this, but the sooner we understand this, the faster we can get on track in dealing with all this, the sooner we will feel better.

OK, one more time :lol: I'm pretty sure (and don't hold me to this, lol) that the horrible feelings you have are a direct response to the situation you are in. Sure, some of it might be chemically related, BUT, I would bet that an even larger part has to do with your thought process, your environment, and the general situation you are in.

DP is not some horrible monster. Well, it is in a way, but not the type of monster we think it is.

You know what I think? I think deep down inside most of us are:

1) Terrified that we will be stuck this way forever
2) Scared that no one understands what we are going through. We are all alone.

I think these two doubts loop over in the minds of many dp?rs causing a lot of grief.

Sadly, no matter how many people relate to what you are going through, (and trust me, a lot of people have been there,) it is not going to help you recover. It might give you some temporary relief, but when it comes down to it, we all live our own lives...

So, even if we are sure 1,000 other people feel the same exact way, have the same symptoms, in the end it will probably not help us that much b/c we still have our own lives to live, AND it might sink us deeper in despair thinking, "All these people feel the same way I do, and I am going to be stuck like this forever, just like them, etc, etc."

Someone out there knows exactly what you are going through. I'm also willing to bet, many people have been much worse, if you can even begin to imagine that :wink: Just the fact that you can come to the board and post day after day says something in itself... I think you should give yourself some credit, and try to understand you are stronger than you think..

Don't give in.



Your buddy in this DP craze...
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