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Another Melbourne Update

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Hi to those who remember me from a while ago and hi to all those who don't ...there's a lot of new names since i've been here.

I'm currently back home for christmas (for three weeks). Just wanted to share my story so far as it's quite positive and may give people hope.

The short version is, before moving interstate to Melbourne I suffered agoraphobia (frequent panic attacks), obsessive thoughts, and episodic dp and dr for several years. I was afraid of everything. I moved to Melbourne as a last resort to improve my life by turning it completely upside down. I was quite convinced that I may well die of fear by moving there and having to face all my phobias ALL AT ONCE (my phobias were...FLYING, public transport, crowded places, being away from my family, being home alone, being outside the house basically).

Well, I am happy to report that by taking the step and moving...I have overcome every single (insert very rude word here) phobia I ever had. And dp and dr are a thing of the past. I quite simply cannot believe it. Imagine if I had stayed home and let my fear dictate my life. I worry I come across as glib and preachy here, like Im bragging or trying to sell you something but I just wanted to share. I'm just so relieved. It is very possible to overcome fear by walking straight towards it.

Another thing too, since I've gotten home, I've noticed some of my worries and anxiety sensations return. I figure that there are a lot of triggers here that are putting me in the same head space I was in when I had the anxiety so i don't let it worry me too much although it's not a nice experience. Just goes to show we condition our environment to trigger anxiety over time. That's why it's good to get out there and shake things up by doing different things that keep our brains occupied.

Anyway, I hope to hear from any of you who has helped to get my scared arse over to where I am. Thank you.

Merry Christmas to you all,
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That is brilliant Monika! I am so pleased for you and thank you for posting a successful story. Have a brilliant Christmas xxx
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