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Another BENZO withdrawal/DP/DR question

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Alright, for those of you really familiar with the benzo withdrawals and such; I got a question...A few months ago before all this DP and Xanax withdrawal sh*t started happenin', I was perscribed a vitamin supplement (B6, Folic Acid, B12). I never got around to taking them but now I realize I should. So since I'm going through this Xanax withdrawal/DP here, do you guys think it's OK to take them?...Like will it "interfere" with or "screw" up the withdrawal/DR/DP? Or is it perhaps a good thing to do? Sorry If I sound rediculous, I'm now medicine phobic.
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Early in withdrawal, I couldnt handle the b vitamins. They seemed a bit stimulating for my cns. It might have just been in my head tho too. B vitamins are very essential for a healthy cns so if you tolerate them, then go for it.
Then consider yourself lucky. Benzos are documented tolerance producing, highly addictive drugs. The withdrawal syndrome occurs for a reason and once it starts there is nothing you can do but ride it out. Some people, like yourself, dodge the bullet with these drugs and some dont. Its all in a personal chemistry. I was on 1.5mg of klonopin for 9 months and after a ct withdrawal experienced seizures,life threatening blood pressure, hallucintations etc. It took 2 months for the serious stuff to go away and a full year just to become semi-sane. At 2+ years off I consider myself recovered from my benzo mistreatment.

Where I am from you have to doctor shop just to find a doctor ignorant enough to prescribe benzos long term. Ive talked with different doctors in the same hospital. One said benzos are bad news and the eventual outcome is always addiction. The other said I need benzos like a diabetic needs insulin. Its amazing now cause after my brain healed from the beating it took from benzos, I no longer need any pills. I function at 100% and Im completely drug free. It goes to show how unprofessional the psychiatric community really is.
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