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Why do peaople in the mental health proffesion think they can lie to us and treat us like complete morons?????

I have no problem with the lady who is helping me she seems alright but i am sick to death of the bloody exposure programme i am doing.........

....... anyway, i worked out yesterday that i had an appointment this week, and i couldnt for the life of me remember when it is, so i rang the office to be told the mental health lady would ring me back.....after a day of waiting and no call i decided i better ring again today........some woman answered the phone told me the lady who helps me was not there and she would get her to give me a ring....LOL.... pointed out i was told that yesterday and noone rang, their excuse been the lady never came back to the office, thats lie no 1 as her car was there at dinner time yesterday, itold the lady on the phone this and explained i really need to know when my appointment is..... so i heard her ask the lady i see when it is after i was told she wasnt there.....well anyway its today and i am now fuming......I MIGHT BE MENTALLY ILL BUT I AM NOT A COMPLETE THICKO....just hope i can control my temper and not punch someone in the face....

..... sorry about the rant just wanted to get it off my chest :!:

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i understand your anger, DC. I think the problem that arises in these situations is that psychology/therapy, or whatever nomenclature one wishes to assign that ethereal vocation, is one in which great intimacy and trust is imparted on the one side, and professional stoicism and feigned empathy is given in return. The job demands some degree of understanding, but in the end, it is still just a job, and often times the therapist, while taking pains to adhere to the logical side of the disease and following the books to attain some sort of logical, categorical conclusion as to what specifically the problem is and how it can be remedied, will fail to realize the dependence of their patient and the sheer emotional need they have created in allowing them onto their couch, as it were.

It isn't like the relationship one has with their mechanic, for example, where one brings in the car, has some work done, writes a cheque (which is usually egregiously over-priced), and concludes the transaction. The commodity we're dealing with in this paradigm is emotion, feelings, deepest desires, wishes, and fears. And this is not the sort of thing which is conducive to a stop-button one-hour psychological quickie which is then forgotten about when the bell goes "ding".

I believe this is the discrepancy which allows some, not all, therapists/psychologists act like emotionally void pigs.


I think sebastian hits the nail on the head.

That is why I don't even think of going to a psychologist or therapist.
For me seeing a therapist is another form of self denial.

The professionalism on the one hand and the extreme personal motives on the other make therapy nothing but hypocrisy in most cases.
I would even go as far as to call it prostitution. You try to get something for money which is totally interpersonal and personal. The whole principle sucks unless you just want a nonjudgemental listener, but there is a great chance that just talking about your distress doesn't help and then again it is not even ensured that you find someone in the field of mental health who is a good listener and nonjudgemental.

Being angry about the therapist is the only thing you will probably get from therapy.
As long as you involve your entire person (including feelings) you will probably always be frustrated.
The only way to keep it real and avoid further problems is to make everything about therapy a totally rational discussion.
Well, but then one probably has to reexamine why one wants to have therapy in the first place.
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