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Aniety, DR and amphetamine.

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After chronic DR for 18 years i feel that i've pretty much got it under control now. The anxiety is better than ever, but sadly i still have a vert deep depression.

Now, for a couple of months ago, i discovered amphetamine. This drug will wipe out my depressjon completely. When im high on speed i feel alive. Im extroverted, chatty and active.

But i wonder if longtime amphetamine abuse can bring my DR and anxiety right back to square one. Exactly how bad is this drug?
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Long term use of amphetamines can cause brain damage, paranoia, psychotic episodes, and other psychological and physical problems.
I don't know if its been clearly established whether or not the damage that is caused by amphetamines is permanent. Regardless, you should research the drug as well as the effects it has on your body short term as well as the effects of long term use or addiction.
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