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Aniety, DR and amphetamine.

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After chronic DR for 18 years i feel that i've pretty much got it under control now. The anxiety is better than ever, but sadly i still have a vert deep depression.

Now, for a couple of months ago, i discovered amphetamine. This drug will wipe out my depressjon completely. When im high on speed i feel alive. Im extroverted, chatty and active.

But i wonder if longtime amphetamine abuse can bring my DR and anxiety right back to square one. Exactly how bad is this drug?
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I do not know anything about prescription "uppers" but if your source is the street then good God I'd be scared. I buried two ol' buddies who were speed freaks back in the 70's. They were needle junkies, but it was speed (dex?) that killed them. I never did much of it (crosstops) because it made my already nervous dipositions more uptight. And if anxiety has such a relationship with dp/dr then increased anxiety could lead down the path for a few to dp land I spose.. I cannot see how street drugs could be beneficial in the long term. It may make you feel good now, but it will nail ya in the end. My ignorance will show here, but the words amphetamine and methamphetamine are used interchangeabley where I am from. If it is meth that you are using then that is a whole different story. Here people drop like flies from meth. Remember the old slogan in the sixties "speed kills"? It still can, whether it is dex or meth.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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