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Aniety, DR and amphetamine.

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After chronic DR for 18 years i feel that i've pretty much got it under control now. The anxiety is better than ever, but sadly i still have a vert deep depression.

Now, for a couple of months ago, i discovered amphetamine. This drug will wipe out my depressjon completely. When im high on speed i feel alive. Im extroverted, chatty and active.

But i wonder if longtime amphetamine abuse can bring my DR and anxiety right back to square one. Exactly how bad is this drug?
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What kind of amphetamine is it?? My doctor prescribed me dexedrine, but I'm too scared to take it. But if it has that effect on you then damn, I just may try.

I think long-term use of any drug can be dangerous. That's why I'm anxious to start tapering off my prozac, but I can't til I see if the prozac/lamictal combo will start working.
I asked my doc what dexedrine is. He said it was the speed of the old days.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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