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hello, i think i may well be experiencing depersonalisation, and to tell you the truth am so scared i am close to tears. I shall make what i have to say a brief.

My name i andy i am 20. I have allways thought in depth about who i am and what i mean, sounds awfully silly but when i has younger i used to not be able to stop thinking or worrying about a few things, and would have to think really deep then imagine a ball of ecectricity leaving my mind to remove them. Even then i would still find myself worriing, but began use the ecectric ball method at the start of worrying.

This never bothered me, however this summer i have felt awful. Worried about issues, i feel like i cant get out of my head. i am so scared. I love my family and still know that my voice in my head is me, however i does not allways sound like it, but i know it is. Then i think about this. Find myself looking in the mirror, talking to myself trying to make sure i am me, but i know i am and so i worry more trying to work it out.

The only thing i feel anxious about is a person who was infactuated with me. I am not gay, allthough he was. This friend of mine, (who i hate now) made my life sh*t. He kept me up talking to me about his insecurities, every night knocking on my door. Told me how i has a bad person all the time. This is hard to explain, but i an scared of him now and he made me feel the most unhappy i have ever been. Even when people talk about him i get the shakes. I feel like such a weak person for this but i cant help it.

I am scared im going mad. Am i ? Will this go away??? i have been smoking a lot of dope, but lay off it now.

Thank you Andy

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dont smoke any more dope, give yourself time to recover, and your anxiety/dp should lessen :)
you're not going mad
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