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Wonder : how many people have tried anafranil and /or Prozac, and what does it do to Dp/DR? I wonder about these meds.


Cyn xx

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anafranil has had good feedback for helping the dp/dr...

and prozac has seemed to have helped alot of people with anxiety an depression...

but boh can have quit nasty side effects...

but in the long run they seem to help the majority of people...

i wish you loads and loads of luck and send you loads and loads of hugs and loads and loads of yayness!


take care...

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OK but...

Why on Dp unit they say Prozac make people anxious? And is not good for DP/DR?

I need something for depression, AND energy, and that is why I wonder about Prozac or Anafranil. :shock:

And I want to get rid of my derealization. I want to feel in the real world again. But I don't want to be ORE nervous. I already have insomnia ON Paxil. Go figure.


Cyn xx
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