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An ode to the olive

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This is going to sound a little strange to those of you who have never fallen head over heels for a fruit, but for those of you who have, perhaps you'll understand my motive for posting this. I simply want the whole world to know how i feel.

I love olives. Green olives, Black olives. Sweet olives, Spicy olives. Pitted olives, Hollow olives, Sicilian, Calabrese, olives on pizza, olives in pasta, olives with cheeze, olives with wine, olives on sandwhiches, olives in a fruit dish. Olives alone (An olive should never have to be alone though). Big olives, Small olives, Whole olives, Chopped Olives...Olives with onions, Olives with garlic, olives with peppers. Marinated olives, Stuffed olives...olives in oil, crushed olives...

I could sleep comfortably every night in a bathtub, filled to the brim with various olives. I could eat a mountain made of olives. When i die, i hope it's because i've overdosed by eating too many olives.

If it were legal in the province of Ontario, I would walk down the aisle, in holy matrimony with, you guessed it, an olive. All dressed up in a white bride's sweet sweet mediterranean passion...never change...never change...

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I couldn't disagree more. Olives, in all shaps and sizes, are the droppings of Satans rabbit. I pick them out of every dish I eat.

Incidently, aren't they vedgetables ?
Oh, and Sultanas. :oops: If fact, any dried fruit. Kill them ALL !!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Bring 'em on Sebastian !! They'll never get past my flesh easting herbaceous border, but bring 'em on anyhow. I'll watch the carnage from the small window in my cell.
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