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I've been suffering from DP since a panic attack I had thirty years ago. During the panic attack, I felt a fundamental estrangement from myself. It was the same feeling I would get when I was a little boy staring into a mirror for a long time- eventually the face in the mirror seems different. It seems like a stranger is looking at you. That's what it felt like during this panic attack when I was 14- like I was a stranger to myself- but with megadoses of fear dumped in. Like I was becoming untethered to myself. Like my essential essence was about to be annihilated. It was horrifying beyond description. I could go on and on, but DP sufferers know what I mean.

So I was prescribed Lexapro, and I started it. and it took the panicky feelinga away. My depersonilization would pop up, but without the panic assosciated with it, the DP was much easier to deal with. I've made a lot of progress on Lexapro, but it took my sex drive away and I gained 30 pounds. You've been warned.

Now, to the topic of the thread. Occasionally, I'll take half an ambien for insomnia. I noticed that this took away my DP completely. Like a switch. Has anyone else had this effect?
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