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Hi everyone haven't been on here for a while, Happy new year, anyways I've been on sertraline for 11 weeks, 5 days ago I started on the max dose 200mg. I think the sertraline is definitely doing something good with my derealization. It's like my eyes are trying to refocus things it's happening more times in a day now, I feel like im sobering up from dp lol, I can't really explain my visual experiences I'm having, it's being going on for a while now my vision trying to get back to normal (I really can't explain it!). Am I recovering? It's like it is fading abit! I've had dp for 12 years so I know it will take a while for me to recover, also I got dp from severe anxiety and panic attacks so hopefully this is the sertraline working. I feel like I have really bad brain fog and I've been getting sharp pains in my head, I hope this is the dp going!:anyways I'm off now to do some aerobics bye all ????
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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