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am i really that weird

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ok i really that weird or is this normal ????

i will keep it short

i have a big notepad and i write down song this strange ?

i dont know anymore whats right and real
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Like what dreamcather, Pure Narcotic and others said, it is not at all weird to be creative - and if your parents think it is, it is their shame. During my high school times I had a friend, who had difficulties with the exact same thing like you. We were in an art high school, and the friend of mine was talented beyond words at drawing/painting. But always when she was drawing/painting or reading novels, she felt guilty bc of it, cuz in her childhood her mother always showed her disgust toward her, while the friend of mine was drawing/reading. Her mother thought it was totally worthless to do anything like that, and as my friend had grown up in that kind of atmosphere, also during her adulthood she felt her mother looking at her, while doing anything her mother didn't like. But it is possible to overcome it, though it may take time. Please never think you're weird, it is not true. Actually I think it is a bit weird, if one doesn't have any creative hobbies/show creativity in any tasks in one's life. Indeed I think it is sad... You are totally healthy writing lyrics, that's for sure - I think it is a wonderful thing. Please believe that. :)
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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