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am i really that weird

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ok i really that weird or is this normal ????

i will keep it short

i have a big notepad and i write down song this strange ?

i dont know anymore whats right and real
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JC actually that's the most practical and universally accepted way of keeping track of your stuff as a musician. Lots of people have notepads or mini-tape recorders so that if they're away from home they can jot down an idea.

My dad thinks things I do are weird, but all the nurses at the office refer to him as "The Nutty Professor" because HE is so weird. So...just b/c your parents think you're weird doesn't mean you are (but doesn't mean you aren't! :))
not to mention by just being a musician you will get SO many more chicks it's not even funny!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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