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Am I going to far?

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So two days a go I thought I had the courage to do some exposure excercises. I walked the dog before bedtime. I saw an airplane and thought; can I make it explode or come down? The thought behind that being; am I in control of reality! Immediately after that thought I was horrified.....and feeling morally absolutly disgusted. I could not sleep, trembling like crazy.
The next morning I was elated that nothing happened. Although an airplane landed in Philadelphia because of a thread, but this was before I had the thought at all.

Coincidences keep haunting me. Yesterday I was playing cards. Could I predict the first card that is being tossed? And sure enough I had it wright a couple of times. Scared crazy.

These exposures excercises are ocd related (I have ocd) but is it also wise to do them whilst having dp/dr?
Or am I going to far?

Cheers erik
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lol its your head buddy, trust me ive had my fair share of messed up thoughts but seconds later their gone!
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