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always monitoring how i feel

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It seems that for the last 33yrs ive been monitoring how i feel acually obsessed with it and i seeem to be moresick then other people OR think i am does anyone else have that problem.
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what you have to realise is that the monitoring part is actually a part of you. it's neither disconnected from you nor is it something alien to you, just a part of you (let's call it the checker). this checker part is just a part of you like anything else, and since it's something you want to be rid of, the best thing to do is just accept it's existance and don't resist it. if you keep doing that, it should eventually become your ally (or just disappear). remember, don't resist it, it's just there in it's form and let it be the way it is.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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