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I am wondering if anyone has experimented with alternative meds.
I have heard that niacin acid (vitamin b3) is helpfull.
Has anyone had positive experiences with vitamins or herbs.
I am especially interested in comments from people that have gotten dp/dr from hallucinogens (acid, weed, shrooms).
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I have have bad experiences with meds. If I take any meds that mess with serotonin levels I get very bad flashbacks. I have tried ativan, paxil and a few others in the past, they all gave me flashbacks.
This is why I am particularly interested in comments from people that have done a lot of acid.
Anyone else out there get flashbacks from meds?
Got any suggestions?
I did a sh*t load in the 90's, never a problem, had a bad trip 99 brought on permanent dp and had flashbacks for about 3 years after that, but meds have never been the cause of flashbacks. different strokes for different folks
It is strange that you never had a problem with meds.
I actually feel like my dp/dr is more of a perminent flashback than real dp/dr, I don't know. Maybe both I guess.
I am sure that if I smoke pot or do any drugs that mess with seritonin levels I will trippp out - way the hell out.

I know that vitamin B3 helps people on acid have a good trip, I was thinking that there may be ways to turn the bad dp/dr/flashback into a good dp/dr/flashback :? . I can't afford to wast money on something that wont work though.

considering i have lived in cemetries before thats pretty low
Wadey3 just so you feel better, I have sleep in -30 temps on railroad tracks before, well not sleep but survived. Also found myself sleeping in a "gay park" in hawaii before,
I am not gay this caused me some problems :oops: .
I am happy to now at least have a roof over my head.
Still have problems with a damaged ego having been smashed.. Just have to be patient and gain a self trust.
Yeah the smashed ego, what are we to do about that?
The only drug that would work for a smashed ego is ICE I think.
But ICE is a whole new world of problems.

At least I am now a very humble person, I am happy for that :) .
Thanks for your post Wadey3.
I don't think many people here have tried alternatives, or they just don't like me :cry: .
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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