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Alternate reality and DP?

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Hello, I feel a little awkward posting this because I may be more mentally ill than I have thought. I am bi-polar (on meds) and had a very intense DP experience in July '03. It was not really a negative experience for me, quite the opposite, I found it very interesting. I am drawn to repeating it, through meditation. My only worry is that I did not have complete control over my actions while in this state.
My concern is that I have recent ideas that this world may not be the only reality, and that the consciousness one experiences while in a DP state may be the gateway to another, higher form of reality. My main fear is that if I experience DP again I may lose control over my body and external self (which happened before) and that I may do things which could cause problems for myself or others, or even kill myself "accidentally", thinking the higher, DP "self" will live on in some other dimension, or even by migrating to another person's body.
I know this probably sounds pretty bizarre. My therapist is on vacation so I can't reach him. Should I stay away from meditation? What if my theory is correct? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thank you. Joe.
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I agree. I think almost everyone who has experienced DR/DP has been tormented by quasi-philosophical questions regarding the nature of reality, etc. I know I did. And it's not suprising really, considering that you are seeing the world in a different way. But the important thing to remember that, whatever the new age tree huggers might want you to believe, is that what you are experiencing is an illness, pure and simple. If you want to speculate about other possible realties and such and such, I strongly urge you to suspend these musings until you get better.

I differ from some people by thinking that the 'content' of our obsessions when we are suffering from DR/DP is irrelevant. It is the obsessional state itself that is the problem. I remember, during my DR/DP episodes, furiously trying to rationalise the curious thoughts about reality that I was having - and once I managed to convince myself one way or that other, and thinking that the obsession would go away, BANG, another flavour of obsession.
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