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alright i reached my limit :'(

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i'm brave and patient that i can't believe it !!!
1.i forget almost all of my life memories exept the scary ones
2.i got blank minded then readed creepypasta stories and now i got nightmares and panic attacks so i can't sleep
3.a benign tumor stared growing in the back of my neck
4.i can't get joy from anything even thought i try to socialize and distract myself
5.i can't recognize my family (i'm scared my parents will die and i didn't feel their love enough because of dp)
6.i had dp for 5 months its getting worse
7.i got infection on my right eye so it's swollen and hurt
8.i feel out of time i don't feel if its night or day or today body is automatic and my mind thinking things overwhelming and i'm detached from both
10.the moments of consiousnes are getting shorter and shorter
11.there is a question bothering me : how i'm supposed to continue living
12.i lost my self and free will and emotion i feel like a hollow or a lonely soul
i feel lonely depressed anxiouss i forget how comfort or normal feel like and there is always that sound that say you know u don't have endure this you can just end it
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i am new to this forum have dp for 11 months now. in the beginning i was just like this no energy no hope to go further buth i realized that you still are a human. you are here and now the world needs you like everybody. you can and will win this fight! my dp started after a bad trip 2 years ago. i was so scared that i never forgot the feelings. when i smelled the sense of weed it made me go back to the bad trip with every experience from it! now i got all the visual symptoms (HPPD-DP-DR) maybe important to tell i got this anxiety for 2 years and after a festival i wake up and this was my life this nightmare i want to cure so bad but you have to understand we are not crazy not psycho or whatever we are humans and the world needs us just try to live dont go too that darkside got belgium english btw :)
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Have you done CBT? Have you tried medications? Have you made lifestyle adjustments such as clean eating, lots of water, no drugs/drinking, no alcohol, etc? Do you exercise?

I would not advise giving up until you have exhausted your treatment options.

I know dealing with this can be taxing, I sympathize with your situation.
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yes i tried everything meds made things worse cbt did nothing exorcism did nothing cause dp doesn't involve demons or evil spirits
been going to the gym for 2 months then stopped the detachment was getting worse so i tried dieting and mediating nothing work
and im not afraid i know im here and everything is here but i want to feel it
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