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Almost midnight thoughts

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Feeling good makes me feel bad
Because I may no longer deny that something is wrong
I cannot ignore my wounded mind
Blurry emotions
These thoughts don't belong to me
It's heavy to take another step
This weighted air makes me suffocate
I breathe it in
I step forward
Without knowing where I'm going
Without trying to know
But still trying to think
Everything is too fast and just getting faster
Please stop...
What is real ?
I swear, I'm okay.
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Being creative like this is a great sign of recovery I’d say.
A detached mind trying to take what is rightfully his. Stuck in a grownup body feeling the same things he did as a kid. How sad it must feel, to drown in such pity. I’m pretty sure I do but I hardly know me. The ideas of philosophers cloud this stupid mind, as I reach for peace of mind it disappears with my rhyme...
This is great. Is it you?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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