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Almost 2 years with DP/DR

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Im sick and tired of this condition guys. Why does it exist? We have absolutly no idea why. I bet their are people out there who killed themselves over DP. I get really scared that one day this may drive me to kill myself. I just really feel like i have had this for so long and should have went away by now but no its still with me and yet i keep going and striving to get out. I know i havent lived the best life because before DP struck i was very depressed, and had bad social anxiety. I think this all happend because i never had a brother or a sister. Im an only child. Being an only child causes lonliness and depression. Marijuana may have triggered my dp but their was underlying causes for me to get this hellish disorder. Feeling numb and anxious/panicky and out of body 24/7 is not fun thats for sure and not being able to feel another persons presence. I cant stand it anymore! Why me? Why me? Why me God?
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Hello everybody, I have some bit of a opinion for you all who are experiencing this for so long. DP/DR only last as long as YOU feed it. I know that sounds stupid but it’s true I promise. Think about this, if you had this for years then you would already be so use to it that it wouldn’t exist. Now I’m not saying you did not start with the disorder. What I am saying is that most people I have talked to and or visited with over these disorders realized that after so long of thinking they had it that they in fact did not. It was just anxiety and panic. Put it this way, the more you have it on your mind (I know it’s hard to not, but it is common) the more the disorder will exist. For example I just go on with my day and put my focus somewhere else in a subconscious kinda way, I don’t think to myself to “focus on this not that” I just do it. Even after speaking to my Doc he has said the same things. I’ve been dealing with a panic/marijuana induced DP bout for the last almost month and already not even a month in my brain is correcting itself. I have more moments of what I call normality and clarity daily than I do DP. In fact my DP usually only really makes itself present at night. Do not worry about your diet, do not worry about your health. Just don’t do it. Fact is that you will be fine and I can promise it will go away and you can actually avoid it happening again. Just avoid your trigger, yes there is a trigger. Wether it be anxiety or panic attacks or drugs or other stimulants. The worst thing you can do currently is read some posters who say that “I’ve had this for 20 years” because they have not. A doc can tell you that the only people who experience these disorders for long bouts are mentally unstable in other ways and I assure you that I’m pretty sure you all are not. So don’t start thinking your crazy. You aren’t. Keep a journal and only reflect on your disorder before bed. If you want to talk to people about it then also do so before bed. Clear your mind the best you can but don’t flood it through your day. I made that mistake for the first few weeks. I thought talking about it would help but in fact it only made it worse. Because then I am putting it at the front of my mind. Also keep in mind here I am sharing what’s going on with me too and sharing my experiences. So do not get angry and flame on. Seriously consider what I’m typing to you all. You never know... it may fix it all. Some days I have zero DP and some I have more but when I calm myself it fades into the background. Everyday I get closer to being better and you will too. THAT I CAN PROMISE YOU. Keep your head held high and try to maintain a normal life (your normal not anybody else’s) thanks for reading
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