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Almost 2 years with DP/DR

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Im sick and tired of this condition guys. Why does it exist? We have absolutly no idea why. I bet their are people out there who killed themselves over DP. I get really scared that one day this may drive me to kill myself. I just really feel like i have had this for so long and should have went away by now but no its still with me and yet i keep going and striving to get out. I know i havent lived the best life because before DP struck i was very depressed, and had bad social anxiety. I think this all happend because i never had a brother or a sister. Im an only child. Being an only child causes lonliness and depression. Marijuana may have triggered my dp but their was underlying causes for me to get this hellish disorder. Feeling numb and anxious/panicky and out of body 24/7 is not fun thats for sure and not being able to feel another persons presence. I cant stand it anymore! Why me? Why me? Why me God?
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Honestly my blank mind is really starting to piss me off as well i watch a lot of anime and i mean a lot of it and its in japanese and i have to read the subtittles but its so hard because my thoughts feel so far away from me its like im straining to grasp my thoughts. Im sick of it and maybe its becuz i have been smoking weed. Im quitting weed for good now its just not worth it. I hope thats whats making my blank mind terrible. Its been about 4 days since my last smoke, never touching weed again. Trust me guys please never smoke weed again you dont get the same high you would normally get. Really everytime i smoke its like im trying not to die or panic and yet i still kept smoking never again.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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